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Chandan Lovely Mukhwas / Mouth Freshener (170g)

Chandan Lovely Mukhwas / Mouth Freshener (170g)

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Best Before Date : 19 November 2023

This toothsome mix will definitely gratify your munching yearnings. It is a perfect fusion of flavourful and healthy ingredients like fennel seeds which aid digestion, Amaranth seeds which are rich in fibre and protein, Indian gooseberry high in antioxidants and Vitamin C and Vitamin E, and various other components. The perfectly saturated rose flavour absolutely tantalises your taste cells. Munch on and enjoy a fresh breath and improved digestion. Filled with natural goodness

Nutrient: Protein(3.6g), Carbohydrate(86.4g), Of which Sugar(75.0g), Total Fat(4.2g)

Ingredients: Fennel Sweet(55%), Added Sugar, Sesame Sweet(15%), amaranth Sweet(15%), Indian Gooseberry(5%), Coriander Splits(5%), Fennel Seeds(5%), Spiced Extract & Spinach Extract. Contains Permitted Natural food Colours-Turmeric(INS-100(i)), Caramel(INS-150d) & Annatto(INS-160b), Contains Nature Identical Flavour-Rose

Allergen: NA

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place

Weight: 170g

Origin: India

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