Non Czechia Customers

HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER AT DOOKAN.COM? (For Non Czech Customers only)

Step 1


Choose the currency, in which you wish to shop, by choosing the currency switcher and browse the catalog.

You may find the currency switcher at the bottom left corner of the website. By default, your local currency is selected.

Step 2



At Dookan, currently the payment option available is Comgate and Euro Bank Transfer which supports Visa/Mastercard/Maestro and Bank transfer. You need to follow these steps for payment.

  1. 1. Payment Option: When you are at the checkout payment page, you will see available payment options. Currently we have Comgate that supports card and bank transfer and Euro Bank Transfer.

    For customer who you like to pay in Euro can select this option. Once the order is placed you will see the bank details on the order confirmation page as well as in the order confirmation email. If you would like to pay via card/bank transfer in Kc then follow next steps.

  2. 2. Payment Gateway Page: When you are at the payment gateway page, you will see possible options of making the payment i.e, Card Payment and Bank Transfer.

    In case you find difficulty in understanding the language, try using the browser translate page option to translate the page.

  3. 3. Card Payment: For card payment, provide the details i.e, card number, expiry date and CVV.

  4. 4. Bank Transfer: For bank transfer, select the bank if it's listed on the payment gateway page and it will redirect you to the respective bank payment gateway page where you can complete the payment.

    If your bank is not listed on the page then choose the other bank option at bottom of the page. Your order will be confirmed with an order confirmation email and an email from comgate with details to make the bank transfer. Once we receive the payment, we will process your order.

Step 3



Once we receive the payment for the order placed, the order will be processed immediately.

Step 4



Once the order is shipped, you will receive it within 2-4 working days.